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Welcome to the Oyster Bar Kris!

Did you know we have a super talented new head chef leading the team at SCOB? His name is Kris (right) he's from Poland and has a world of international experience, most recently Fish Shop at Potts Point. The other superstar in the pic is our sous chef Hendra (left), ex Centennial and Paddington Hotels.


Winter warming cocktails hit our list

Not sure what it sounds like to mix vodka and wine but we did and it's stunningly gorgeous. Red Wine Vodka Kiss is a mix of Belvedere vodka, Cinzano rosso, Clarendelle red wine, lime juice, a cinnamon quill & rosemary, served on the rocks. This is just one of several winter creations from our gun bar team.


Australian truffle season has started

The truffle season has started in Australia and the Black Golds have just landed at the Oyster Bar from the Truffle Farm in Canberra. Believe it or not they are perfect on just about everything from oysters to desserts.  The season wont last long, so do yourself a favour and give them a go. 3 grams for only $18 to keep your taste buds happy...



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